Thanks for supporting our Eid@Dreamworld event this year - we look forward to next year Insha'Allah!
Eidfest Community Services is a service for all the community to use in times of need.

Contact us if you are troubled or isolated and together we can get through it.

We have qualified staff to work with you and we're a great bunch of people that you'll want to hang out with us anyway!

Come down and see our centre, have a cup of coffee and cake with us - you may even learn some things with our social activities. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events and classes.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence should not be tolerated

If you know of someone going through a difficult time - or you yourself may be, please get some help - come in and see us, and we'll arrange for a social worker to talk to you.  We can help you with your finances and your legal situation and we can help with counselling services as well.  If it's an emergency, ring the Police on 000.

If you're new to Australia, don't let anyone threaten you with deportation if you are going to report Domestic Violence - make the call, we can help you - 3277 1598 - 24 hour recording.

Women are half the world

Claim your place in the world, for yourself, your sister, your daughter or other female relatives - don't allow anyone to initimidate you or harrass you - you have a right to a violence free life - call the Police if you are in danger, on 000, or ring our office to get advice. 

No religion allows abuse

There is no religion in the world that sanctions abuse, please don't be frightened by what religious leaders may tell you - if you are not safe in your house, please get help.

See our video on Religion and Domestic Violence here - 

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